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Jawad Khaki

Mohamed Jawad Khaki is Co-Founder and CEO of Uhuru Software, Inc. where he is working on integrated application development platforms, management tools and services to enable rapid development and deployment of solutions in private or public clouds by enterprises and service providers.

In his previous role as Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Corp., Jawad (until 2009) led engineers and business leaders to deliver integrated networking, communication and device technologies for the Microsoft® Windows platforms - empowering people with information and enabling them to seamlessly work, play and communicate. Jawad started his career at Microsoft in 1989.
Graduating with a B Sc. (Hon) in Computer Engineering in 1979 from the The City University, Jawad spent his early career (1979-1985) designing and developing hardware, firmware and software for GEC Computers Ltd. and communication software for UNIX at AT&T Bell Laboratories (1985-1989).
A native of Tanzania, Jawad has been an active since the age of 13 with various non-profit organizations in Tanzania, Pakistan, England and now in the Greater Seattle area in the USA.   In 1997 Jawad helped establish the Ithna‐asheri Muslim Association of the Northwest (IMAN)  and served as its President until 2011.  In December 2003 Jawad and his wife Kaniz established the Khaki Foundation to provide assistance to the most vulnerable members of society with essential needs and through educational endeavors to alleviate poverty and suffering.  
Jawad was was recognized nationally with the sixth annual Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award by the Interfaith Alliance Foundation in May 2003.  He was appointed honorary professor by Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications in October 2003. In November 2012 he was conferred with an Honory Doctorate of Technology from University of East London.

Jawad envisions an America that, with its rich tapestry of pluralism, incorporating all ethnicities and religions, inspires not only those just within its borders but all those who inhabit our planet.